3 Steps To Loving Your Veggies

The Info-graph You Need For Love

So anyone that knows me and has worked with me has heard me preach about how important vegetables are for your diet and how you should be eating them all the time. And you also know I’m not the first one to say this so I won’t bore you with all the details on the how and why.

And… That’s because I’m already did that a few months ago and you can find that article here.  Veggies!!!

What I did on that last article was to share some tips and tricks that I thought we all could appreciate it.  So when I came across this info graph from Precision Nutrition I knew that I had to share it all with you as well.

With this three-step formula, it show you how to add some flavor to your vegetables as well as give you new ideas without scaring you from the past bad experiences like grandma’s canned asparagus, over steamed brussel sprouts,  or microwaved lima beans.

It’s a simple three step process:

* Pick a new veggie to try (maybe one that you’ve avoided before),

* “Complement” it with spicy, sour, or salty to make it more palatable,

* “Cushion” the bitterness with sweet and fatty flavors.

The result: Delicious dishes made from incredibly healthy sources.

Please give it a shot and don’t be afraid to check it out for yourself.

As always feel free to right click just save it for yourself do your phone or tablet or you can always email for a copy in PDF form.


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