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Although 90% of Americans say diet and nutrition are important, nearly half of them don’t know or understand how to achieve

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Exercise Therapy

Exercise and fitness programs designed and supervised by our trainers designed specifically for each client’s condition

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MAXFIT is the Sport of fitness. MAXFIT is a worldwide strength and conditioning fitness program designed for all ages. Whethe

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3 Steps To Loving Your Veggies

3 Steps To Loving Your Veggies The Info-graph You Need For Love So anyone that knows me and has worked with me has heard me preach about how import


  • Amazing workout experience. Clean, professional, highly recommended!

    Tyler Williams IT Manager, Healthcare Company
  • Not only did Motivated Motions make the workouts fun, enjoyable and different, they taught me a lot about myself and how to find personal strength within myself, not just strength with my body.

    Whitney Phelps Hair Designer
  • One of my biggest reasons for success was that Motivated Motions was there when I needed them. If I needed a pep talk, they were there to keep me going and focused. Whether at work or home, they were always willing to take the time to answer my questions.

    Angela Riethman Program Manager, Defense Contractor
  • I'm thrilled with the results. I'm always complimented on my arms. I'll be 53 soon and people think my 27 year daughter is my sister.

    Theresa Gasper Philanthropist, Owner of Full Circle Development
  • If you are looking for a trainer who will motivate you, encourage you, and always push you to do your best, contact Eric. I will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

    Tiffany Hesselbart Choir Director, Mad River Schools
  • His workouts got me in shape and sculpted me a new and lighter body. His workouts prepared me for athletics and propelled me to stay fit throughout my college years.

    Kyra Michelle Athletic Trainer at Wright State University
  • If I hadn't been training with Eric I wouldn't have had the endurance I needed to finish! Eric really cares about his clients and always does what is best for each one!!!

    Erin Seiter MS, RDN, LD, CPT at Miami Valley Hospital
  • Eric is the best and the workouts are challenging and varied. I have been a client for 3 years and have nothing but positive results and great things to say about Motivated Motions.

    Jeff Hogrefe Owner The Medicine Shoppe International, Co-Founder Happy Hormone Cottage
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