Dynamic Functional Training:

The idea of dynamic functional training is the foundation for my approach to fitness and health. Although I am skilled in traditional training and understand its results, I much more prefer to create a dynamic, functional workout that fully benefits the client in an effective 30, 45, or 60 minute workout. By thinking outside the box with full body or lower/upper split workouts, I can challenge my clients to work towards their complete potential. I am fully aware of the importance of core strength and the purpose of the body to function as a complete unit. I enjoy training all types of clients, whether they be: young, teens, adults, male, female, first time gym members, marathon runners, overweight or under muscled. I have a good rapport with all clients and work hard to keep them goal oriented by working together to achieve their goals. By incorporating rotational and/or stability core training in unique ways along with balance, agility, symmetry, flexibility, power, endurance, muscle gain and nutrition, I can be confident in the complete fitness and performance of my clients.

I can be confident in the complete fitness and performance of my clients.


I fully understand the importance of nutrition and its ability to affect the body. As a SFN, I am well orientated with different approaches to all clients needs from performance to muscle growth to weight management (gain or loss). All my clients are given multiple sheets of nutrition information, an ADDITIONAL free consult on nutritional recommendations, and accountability for their food logs.


Full understanding of free weights, cables, machines, medicine balls, Bosu, Kinesis, kettlebells, suspension training and cardio workouts.


• ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
• Specialist in Fitness Nutrition
• Specialist in Exercise Therapy
• Cardio Strength Training
• Dynamic Functional Training
• CrossFit Training

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